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I`m sorry but I don`t belive, that there can be anyone at whole world who don`t speak czech and would like to see those pages in english. In case if you realy don`t understand czech language and you have visited this page, because you want to get some information about game lóra, than I have to tell you that this page is a joke only !!!!!

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One more important notice: ( It looks like to be most important specialy for Vilda Janouš - if you don't know him, I have to say that you have big holes in your knowledge ) anyway, you can find some photos of childrens on this web site, so I just want to inform you, that those childrens are not for rent, not even for lend, those kids are simply ours ! Specialy for all pedophiles, FBI agents, Etc... I want to repeat, that there is no pornographic material on this web site at all !

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English version : English version

Pokud jsi ze Slaného a okolí (samozřejmě není podmínkou) a chceš si s námi přijít zahrát karetní hru Lóra,tak nám napiš.

pro zápis hry lóra

Jelikož jsem nebetyčný amatér, co se tvorby webových stránek týká, prosím nekritizujte ani obsah ani přehlednost těchto stránek.
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